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Welcome to Grace Community Church                             


A message from Pastor Jon

Dear Friend,

Thank you for visiting our website. Many people check out websites before deciding to attend a church service. We have designed these pages to give visitors a feel for who we are as a church. You can get a sense of our ministry approach, philosophy, and what we believe and teach. You can also learn about some of our leaders, check out upcoming events, see photos of church events, listen to podcasts of sermons, etc….

While we are not opposed to big events and programs, we have sensed the Lord leading us to simplicity. This seems the best framework for everyone to get involved. Every person has something to offer; each is placed by God into the church with a unique way to serve. Because Christ is the head of the church and we are His Body, the Lord causes us to be interconnected in such a way to bring encouragement and growth to each and all.

We are here to help. How may we serve you?

In Christ’s Love and For His Glory,
Jon D. Bekemeyer, Sr. Pastor


Acceptance, Sanctuary and Hope. Isaiah 61 Ashes